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Plates for serviced machines

Engraved and printed plates for each type of machine.

Plates for motors and pumps

Aluminium, steel, and variable data plates.

Patchwork synoptic

Modular plate, of any size.

Traffolyte plates

Two-layer plastic material, ideal for electrical cabinets.

Adhesive Labels for electrical cabinets

Always in stock, with all kinds of symbolism.

Dials for measuring instruments

For any type of instrument and the customer's design.

Brass plates

Engraved and enamelled prestige plates.

Artistic Signs

High visual impact plates, for any type of activity.

Metal Laser Cutting

Many industries need to use machinery suitable for cutting - using lasers - metals such as iron, steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, brass, copper and aluminum. Is that what you are looking for?

Incisman specializes in laser cutting of all types of metals. The latest machines used by the company are fast and very precise: the cut has no burrs.

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As anticipated, Incisman is able to cut metals of all types including iron, steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, brass, copper and aluminum.

Being very versatile, the machines can also be used for cutting or processing:

  • articles hardly workable with other systems;
  • steel sheets;
  • details for armored doors;
  • sheets up to 1 cm. thick.

Our customers also contact us for creating media for any type of application, such as, for example, engine parts or parts for the military and aerospace industry.

Considering the innumerable uses of metal and existing variants, fiber machines can finally be used in mass production of jewelery , eyeglass frames , manufacture of any sheet metal frame or steel plates.

Because it is better to entrust the service to us

The use of fiber optic lasers is mainly concentrated in large industries, given the large size of the machines, which require high power absorption. Even the smaller versions require large absorption.

These are machines that consume a lot of energy

Our customers, therefore, delegate to us the service of laser cutting of the metal because the costs - between purchase and maintenance of the machines suitable to do it - are really onerous.

Cutting-edge technology

Fiber laser cutting machines similar to pantographs. These, however, instead of the rotating spindle, mount a head with a lens system that focuses the laser beam in a single point of centesimal size, to facilitate and optimize the cut.

They are systems that, moving on 3 axes or more, allow the cutting of various metals through a diode laser source transmitted on a fiber optic system. The efficiency is about 100 times higher than gas sources.

The technology that gives life to these machines is of European or Japanese conception. The sources are IPG (American) - the best currently on the market, the structure is treated at 600 ° C and cooled for 24 hours to guarantee a duration of 20 years and precision during processing .


Incisman runs accurate tests to ensure track alignment and accuracy. Use a autocollimator that allows a very high resolution execution accuracy.

To test accuracy, compensation and adjust errors, instead, use an original interferometer of English conception.

Internally the machines are equipped with self-regulating systems for injected gas pressure; the motors used are Sanyo or Panasonic inertial servomotors, imported from Japan. The transmission system on tracks and sprockets is by Wittenstein Alpha, a German company no. 1 in the world.

Operation and advantages of fiber laser cutting

In fiber lasers the beam is produced by means of a so-called laser seed and is amplified by specially assembled glass fibers, to which energy is supplied by pumping diodes; the wavelength of fiber lasers is 1 μm.

Among the main advantages of fiber laser cutting greater efficiency compared to CO2 laser , the possibility of cutting non-conductive metals such as brass, copper and aluminum faster and less maintenance.

Fiber lasers are characterized by a greater precision than the Co2 ones; their beam is in fact much finer and the very reduced width allows a greater precision which, combined with the very high speed of brushless motors, makes it possible to create objects with accurate and precise finishes.

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