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Plates for serviced machines

Engraved and printed plates for each type of machine.

Plates for motors and pumps

Aluminium, steel, and variable data plates.

Patchwork synoptic

Modular plate, of any size.

Traffolyte plates

Two-layer plastic material, ideal for electrical cabinets.

Adhesive Labels for electrical cabinets

Always in stock, with all kinds of symbolism.

Dials for measuring instruments

For any type of instrument and the customer's design.

Brass plates

Engraved and enamelled prestige plates.

Artistic Signs

High visual impact plates, for any type of activity.

3d plates

The 3D plates are made with an exclusive molding technique in soft plastic material that is subsequently finished with golden, chrome and textures of various kinds.

With this three-dimensional technique you can handle with precision the engraved parts and the relief parts that are printed at will.

The absolute resistance and elegance of these plates favor the use in different sectors of the industry, in particular when one wants to enhance a medium and high range product.

You can choose the most varied finishes and shapes, Incisman Srl never loses sight of the quality of the materials used, moreover, to ensure durability over time, protects them with anti-scratch and anti-UV treatment.

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