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Plates for serviced machines

Engraved and printed plates for each type of machine.

Plates for motors and pumps

Aluminium, steel, and variable data plates.

Patchwork synoptic

Modular plate, of any size.

Traffolyte plates

Two-layer plastic material, ideal for electrical cabinets.

Adhesive Labels for electrical cabinets

Always in stock, with all kinds of symbolism.

Dials for measuring instruments

For any type of instrument and the customer's design.

Brass plates

Engraved and enamelled prestige plates.

Artistic Signs

High visual impact plates, for any type of activity.

Plates for serviced machines

We specialize in the renovation of any plate, table and panel machine tools, and any other machinery to be serviced.
Just deliver us the samples that you removed from the machine to overhaul.

We will quickly make an exact reproduction by engraving or indelible printing.
We can also provide the EC identification plates, pre-spaced to decorate the machine and any type of marking plate.

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